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Dayna Allen


Mental Health Therapist - MS, LIMHP

Dayna is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Therapist and has been in private practice for over fifteen years.  She completed her education at the University of Nebraska at Kearney pursuing both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees there. 

She is working with adolescents and adults in individual and couples/family therapy. She helps clients to achieve their goals in order to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety related to grief, trauma, relationship concerns, and other life changing events.

Dayna has received specific training to aid individuals dealing with the emotional impact of infertility. Those struggling with infertility tend to be very private with their grief and often bear the burden alone. Mental Health Counseling can provide help with decision making, support, and crisis intervention.


She completed the Training for Adoption Competency in order to help families who are considering adoption or have completed an adoption. The training and information related to adoption is intense and informative, however, questions can arise for the parents and children that may be difficult to explore. Dayna wants to assist and navigate these concerns with prospective and current adoptive parents. 

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